Believe it or not, but sunscreen only entered my daily skin care regime when I was knee deep in my 20s. Before that, I flicked aside my mom’s advice of applying sunscreen like I flicked my hair; masks and facials were non-existent in my life. Long story short, my skin received zero TLC in its early 20s, which resulted in nasty sunspots that I don’t remember signing up for.

Thankfully there are answers in Korean Beauty for hyperpigmentation that fight the war against hyperpigmentation with the right ingredients.

In definition, hyperpigmentation is a condition that causes dark spots on the face and neck. This happens when melanin, the pigment that gives your skin its colour, starts building up in excess. Hyperpigmentation isn’t an uncommon problem for people who are exposed regularly to the sun’s UV rays, but its presence gives the skin an uneven tone making it look unhealthy. The different kinds of hyperpigmentation are sunspots, acne scars, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation like eczema, allergic reactions etc. Melasma, also a type of hyperpigmentation, is due to hormonal imbalance but can be reduced with proper skin care.

Korean beauty products for hyperpigmentation include ingredients that lighten the spots, promote skin cell regeneration and outright block the melanin build up. These products work gently on the skin and also lend a hand in brightening the skin and reducing fine lines. Of course, prevention is better than care and we recommend you to be early in adopting proper face care regime to keep those pesky spots at bay.

Here are Korean Beauty’s top Charlie’s Angles to fight hyperpigmentation:

VITAMIN C: Many K-Beauty products have natural Vitamin C extracts that prevent the build-up of melanin and also lighten the inflamed areas. Invest in a serum with a low concentration of Vitamin C for daily to avoid skin irritation.

GLYCOLIC ACID: It is the most common type of AHA Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (a group of ingredients that exfoliates skin to reveal fresher, firmer skin) and the most trusted because it works for all ages and skin types. It also hydrates and firms the skin.

NIACINAMIDE: Another skin nutrient that’ s a must in any skin geek’s kitty. It is a derivative of Vitamin B and is known to combat hyperpigmentation by preventing the transfer of melanin to the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis. This skin food also boosts collagen production.

SNAIL MUCIN or SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE: Snail mucin or mucus contains a wealth of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, glycolic acid and copper peptides that stimulate collagen production and heals sun-damaged skin.

Last but not the least, slather a good amount of sun protection cream (SPF 30+) 15 minutes before stepping out.

Oh, and if the mention of snail mucus put you off, there’s a whole blog post coming up soon on its benefits for the skin that will probably have you buying everything with its extract! Stay tuned.

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