Oh, the things we do for great skin! But here’s the thing: If you aren’t sure of your skin type your search for perfect skin will never end.

What usually happens is that unless our skin is really a bother we don’t care what type it is and end up using what we see working on others. If you’re guilty of this we suggest you stop this approach pronto, and spend some time understanding your skin. This is the first step to an effective skin care routine.


Skin composition is determined by how much sebum (oil) it naturally produces. Your dermatologist can assess it for you or you do it yourself by washing your face in the morning, not apply any products and check your skin’s natural state by midday.

If your skin looks nothing different from morning you have normal skin, combination skin will yield a shiner T-zone with drier cheeks and mouth region (this pattern is not absolute), oily skin will have a shiny appearance, and if you have dry skin your face will feel dry and tight with visible redness and flakiness. Your skin history of breakouts and visible pores also needs to be accounted for while arriving at your result. For example, enlarged pores, oily appearance and frequent acne breakouts are key indicators of an oily skin.

Sometimes we brand ourselves into the wrong category because of a temporary condition wrought on by damage to the skin’s thin protective layer that is mendable. But a particular skin type is here to stay for long and will need a complimenting routine to nourish it well.


Normal skin requires cleansing and moderate moisturising and also benefits from hydrating toners, emulsions and face oils.
Dry skin needs layers of hydration like light hydrating toners, humectant-based serums (humectants are hydrating molecules that prevents loss of moisture by pulling water from deeper layers of your skin to hydrate the surface) and emollient face oils with thicker creams to lock in the moisture. This routine is only for dry skin and not dehydrated skin.
Oily skin still needs hydration – don’t give up on moisturising – but go for light emulsion formulas, watery gel-based creams humectant moisturisers. Cleanse your face with oil-based cleanser along with a gentle facial cleanser in the morning and evening.
For combination skin light layers of hydration keeps the dry parts moisturised without causing frenzy on the oily parts. Combination skin with marked difference can also benefit from different products on the dry and oily parts.
Moreover, our skin type, like everything else around us, keeps changing and needs new products and routines accordingly, make sure you keep assessing your skin periodically!

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