You could have the best skincare products at your disposal, but if they aren’t right for your skin type you risk losing more than you gain. Exfoliation is no different. Whether you go for chemical or physical exfoliation or both, if the products don’t agree with your skin your skin barrier can be left deeply compromised.

Don’t panic, we are here to help you figure out the exfoliation ingredients for every skin type.


What your skin needs is a gentle management of excess oil without stripping off the skin’s natural oils.

  • Your go to ingredients are glycolic acid and salicylic acid. If the acids above are too harsh, try lactic acid. Keep your eye out for charcoal enriched exfoliators; it absorbs excess oil – just what you need.

  • If you prefer physical exfoliation jojoba beads is less abrasive.

  • Oily skin can withstand more exfoliation than others, so if you feel your skin needs it, you can even exfoliate thrice a week. But cut back if it gets red and patchy.


A patch test before using new products is a must for you, in fact, it is best that you consult a derm before trying new products.

  • Do not physically scrub your skin as the scratching and scrubbing can create inflammation.

  • Lactic acid combined with anti-inflammatory ingredients like honey is great for your skin. Glycolic acid is also an option but refrain from over doing it.


Exfoliation is your savior – it will clear out your acne and make your skin smooth.

  • Glycolic and salicylic acids are your best friends that will regulate oil production and also treat acne.

  • Physical exfoliation tend to irritate acne prone skin, and if you use a scrubbing device there’s a chance it is actually spreading acne bacteria around your face than diminishing it. Avoid it!


Your skin needs double action: hydration and exfoliation. Dry skin also tends to show fine lines earlier, so you will need ingredients that will work on those pesky lines.

  • Go for ingredients like glycolic or lactic acid that will hydrate the skin while removing dead skin.

  • For physical exfoliation, go for exfoliants with smaller beads, moisturising oils and honey to hydrate your thirsty skin. Do not forget to follow up with a good moisturiser.


Mature skin needs to be regularly exfoliated because the natural skin turnover process lags a lot behind. Plus, your products need to combat the issue of aging.

  • Go for retinols and rentinoids to work on your fine lines. Retinols also induce collagen production!

  • Another group of ingredient that work for you are AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids); AHAs exfoliate and also work on skin pigmentation.


You’re struggling with dry and oily parts and it can be tricky to keep both the parties happy at the same time. Fruit derived enzymes can be your skin’s best friend!

Do not exfoliate more than two times a week and cut back if the skin does not take it well. It is best to let your skin rest a while if it is inflamed or sun burnt. Seek help from a dermatologist if your skin issues persist.










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