Say Aye if you have done atleast 3 of the following:

  • Put toothpaste on pimples
  • Tried to combat dullness by repeatedly washing face with soap
  • Bought products based on how amazingly they work on your friend’s skin
  • Stepped out without sunscreen (because “Ugh, I just can’t”)
  • Gone to bed with make up on (resulting in Panda Eyes the morning after)

Toss the above skin care approaches out of the window today. As your skin matures, hacks and willful neglect start showing aggressively on the face, necessitating an informed skincare routine.

Some skin problems are short term, but if you have been facing any skin issues for more than three months you can file them under ‘Skin Problems’ that need to be tackled. If the problem persists it is best to visit a dermatologist.

Common skin problems are acne, wrinkles, dehydration, dullness, sensitivity and uneven skin tone. Here’s how to battle them.

  • Acne is the result of clogged hair follicle and while a few zits here and there is ok – even endearing at times – aggressive acne needs immediate attention of a dermatologist. Look out for products that say ‘blemish’, ‘pore’, ‘clear’, BHA, ‘spot’ and ‘Tea Tree’ in its descriptions. It is recommended to start out with an essence or serum designed for acne along with other normal products.


  • Dullness, hyperpigmentation and uneven tone can be combated with products that mention ‘bright’, ‘mela’, ‘white’, and ‘snow’. Begin with a single essence and serum before going in full throttle with a line of skin brightening products.


  • Dehydrated skin is the result of damaged moisture layer of the skin. Worry not, it is not permanent and can be mended by moisturising often and well. Dehydrated skin needs a cleanser that have a pH level between 5-0 – 6.0 to balance the skin’s level (healthy skin pH level is between 4.5 – 5.5, slightly acidic).


  • Wrinkles and fine lines cannot be avoided but its arrival can be delayed and their visibility softened by keeping the skin hydrated and using sunscreen. Invest in products that say ‘anti-aging’, ‘future’, ‘lifting’, ‘renew’, ‘repair’ and ‘rejuvenate’.


  • Sensitive skin benefits from soothing ingredients like aloe vera, cocoa butter, chamomile, green tea, honey etc. You should be on the look out for words like ‘sensitive’, ‘gentle’ and ‘calming’ etc.

When it comes to skin prevention is better than cure, but don’t fret if you are late to the party; correct use of products, an effective skin care regime, patience and persistence will bear you amazing results!

Until next time 🙂

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